CALENDAR! Orchestra dates for the year are starting to appear on the Calendar page. Here’s a partial list:

  • September 10 (Sat) Music Day
  • September 14 (Wed) Mandatory Parent Meeting, 7pm, Auditorium
  • October 7-9 (Fri-Sun) Chamber Orchestra Retreat at Drift Creek Camp
  • October 18 (Tue) Fall Orchestra Concert, 7pm, Auditorium
  • November 29 (Tue) String Ensemble & Sinfonietta Concert, 7pm, Auditorium
  • November 30 (Wed) Symphony Orchestra U of O field trip
  • December 8-10 (Thu-Sat) Winter at West, 7pm, Auditorium (Chamber Orchestra, Symphony)
  • January 18, 2017 (Wed) Orchestra Concert, 7pm, Auditorium
  • March 14 (Tue) 4th Grade Festival (4pm) and Orchestra Concert (7pm), Auditorium
  • March 24-31 (Fri-Fri) Big trip 2017: Nashville and Atlanta
  • April 14 (Fri) GVC Band Contest, Music Wing
  • April 15 (Sat) District Orchestra Invitational, Music Wing
  • April 25 (Tue) Pre-State Solo and Ensemble Recital
  • April 29 (Sat) State Solo Contest
  • May 4 (Thu) Pre-State Ensembles Concert (CT, Chamber, Symphony, Winde Ensemble), 7pm, Auditorium
  • May 11 (Thu) OSAA State Orchestra Contest, LaSells Stewart Center, OSU
  • May 25 (Thu) Orchestras of the West, 6:30pm, Gym
  • June 5 (Mon) Final Orchestra Concert and Senior Farewell, 7pm, Auditorium

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