Boot Camp 2018 RSVP and parent permission form

Orchestra Boot Camp 2018 will take place at West during the week of August 20-23. Join us as we get a jump-start on a new season! Here is the schedule:

All Orchestra members: Monday, August 20 through Thursday, August 23, 9am-noon

Parents and friends: Join us for an informal concert on Thursday the 23rd at 11.

Chamber Orchestra members: as above but stay until 1pm

The fee for boot camp is $20.00 — 10 for the camp and 10 for the 18-19 Titan Orchestras T-shirt, payable to Titan Music Boosters. You can pay fees at Taking Care of Business Day (preferred!) or on the first day of camp. Whether you can come to camp or not, we’d love for you to order the shirt — just $10! Please indicate your preferred size so we can order enough. There is no fair-use fee for orchestra participation this year.


1) Download the Parent permission form from here: boot-camp-18-permission-form I need the signed emergency treatment authorization and release of liability on paper–on the first day, or by mail to

George Thomson, West Salem High School Orchestra, 1776 Titan Dr. NW, Salem OR 97304

AND 2) Please RSVP here and let us know if you’re coming, so that we can prepare in advance. Don’t forget T-shirt size regardless!