The Titan Orchestra 2015 State T-Shirt Page

Welcome to the

2015 Orchestra Shirt

harnessing the power of the internet to create the first interactive orchestra t-shirt experience! Scanning the QR code on the back of our 2015 Shirt takes you to this page.

Our Shirt Catchphrase and Motifs:

What on earth do they mean?

It all started back in the 2000’s, when Mr. Thomson was teaching in California. He needed a way to get his orchestra not to prolong the first tied note in the fugue subject of Beethoven’s Op. 59, No. 3 , finale (the third piece in our state set). As is his wont, he tried setting it to words. “Dude!” spoken in that familiar dude-inflected way seemed to capture the articulation of that note just right. But he didn’t stop there (you have to sing it really really fast!):

Dude! What’s in the envelope? Is it a canteloupe? Is it a rabbit or a llama or an antelope? Or maybe it’s an elephant, a badger or a bat? Could it be that? Is it a dog? Is it a hog? Perhaps a gnu, or an emu? A kangaroo, or maybe the entire zoo? (at which point the next section enters with, “Dude!”)

Hence the dude with the envelope, the canteloupe, the rabbit, the llama, and the antelope.

Our State Set

1. Percy Aldridge Grainger, Molly on the Shore (Irish Reel)

2. Josef Suk, Meditation on the old Bohemian Chorale “St. Wenceslaus,” Op. 35a

3. Beethoven, Finale from the Quartet Op. 59 No. 3

Mr. Thomson

To understand Mr. Thomson, it helps to watch this explanatory video. Mr. Thomson is represented by the cat on the right. His orchestra class of the moment is represented by the cat on the left. First immortalized on a gift necktie by his Crescent Valley High School class of 2013, the “whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, stop” cat and the ensuing poom! have become inextricably linked with the Thomson story.